Treatment of Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder – Ultrasound guided Hydro dilatation or Hydro distension injection:

If you are suffering from the frozen shoulder, Joint Care Clinics can offer you a special procedure called ‘Hydro dilatation’ also known as ‘Hydro distension’. This advanced injection is carried out as an outpatient procedure under ultrasound guidance. This procedure can halt your shoulder joint pain and improves shoulder range of movements in a few weeks of time. Hence, prevents you from an invasive surgery.

If untreated frozen shoulder symptoms (severe pain and joint movement restriction) may lasts up to 2-4 years. 

This  outpatient procedure is carried out at  your convenient time at one of our clinics.  You do not require a GP referral for this. 

Ram Rachaputi is an experienced clinician and so far carried out several thousands of pain relief ultrasound guided injections successfully.

What is frozen shoulder?

Frozen shoulder is a condition with a severe shoulder pain and reduced shoulder movements in different directions.  

Inflamed shoulder joint capsule and ligaments causes swelling and tightness of the shoulder. Though exact cause is unknown,  scar tissue formation inside the shoulder joint is most possible. 

Signs and symptoms: 

  • Unable to reach back.
  • Unable to fasten bra
  • Difficult in wearing on and off the clothes.
  • Intense shoulder pain with daily activities. 
  • Moderate to Severe shoulder pain, especially during night time. 

Who is prone to develop frozen shoulder?

Middle age population is prone to develop the condition.

  • Often associated with stretching injury to the affected shoulder 
  • Following a fall / trauma
  • Diabetes 
  • Unknown reason

What we do?

  • We will assess your shoulder clinically to confirm the frozen shoulder. 
  • In house Ultrasound shoulder scan is carried out immediately to rule out rotator cuff tear. 
  • Then the safety checks are carried out for the suitability of the injection.
  • If suitable, ‘Hydro dilatation’ or ‘Hydro distension’, is carried out in the same appointment under ultrasound guidance.
  • Injection may start working immediately or in 3-4 days of time. 

Does it work?

‘Hydro dilatation’ or ‘Hydro distension’, is a special procedure to treat frozen shoulder condition. Fluid expands the joint capsule and stretches the scar tissue, ligaments and muscles to improve shoulder movement. Steroid is a strong anti inflammatory medication helps to reduce the shoulder pain. The success rate is over 90%, when combined with shoulder exercises following this procedure. If you are struggling with the ‘frozen shoulder’, this is the procedure you do not want to miss. 

Our patients comments about this procedure:

  • ‘it’s a treat’, 
  • ‘feels amazing ‘
  • Thank goodness, the pain i had is gone.

This special injection with shoulder exercises together saves you from a surgery.

What is Hydrodilatation injection?

This special procedure for the frozen shoulder is carried out under ultrasound guidance. Local anaesthesia is given just under the skin using a very small needle to numb the skin. Then the needle is guided in to the joint space and injected with local anaesthesia, water for injection or NaCl & Steroid/Corticosteroid, until the joint capsule is stretched or felt pop.