PRP Injections West Midlands

Ultrasound Guided Platelet Rich Plasma PRP Injection Treatment
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PRP Injections West Midlands

Ultrasound-Guided Platelet Rich Plasma PRP Treatment

If you are looking for private PRP treatment in the UK, Joint Care Clinics are HCPC registered and members of the chartered society of physiotherapy. We offer a one stop clinic for consultation, ultrasound guided diagnostic scan, and treatment. 

Ultrasound Guided PRP therapy is available at our clinic centers for sports injuries, arthritic conditions, and tendon problems. All our injections are ultrasound guided to ensure the accuracy of the treatment we offer.

We can treat a wide range of conditions within the body areas including shoulder, elbow, hand and wrist, hip, knee, ankle and feet and the back.

Due to PRP’s ability to heal and even regenerate injured or overused tendons, ligaments, and joints, providing some patients with an alternative to surgery.  PRP therapy may reduce the required healing time for the injuries; otherwise, athletes/ sports professionals may require a longer period of rest from their sports-related activities.



PRP Injections West Midlands

Ultrasound GUIDED PLATELET RICH PLASMA (PRP)injection faqs

Plasma Rich Platelet (PRP) treatment process:
  1. The clinician draws some blood from the patient vein, who is receiving the PRP injection.
  2. PRP is separated from whole blood, by using a centrifuge machine. PRP contains up to 3-10 times rich in growth factors, in comparison to the whole blood. 
  3.  Finally, PRP’s are injected into the treatment area under ultrasound guidance for treatment accuracy.

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Advantages of ‘one-stop clinic’?
  • Patient consultation, diagnosis, and PRP treatment can be carried out in the same appointment, all together in a maximum of 2 hours of time.
  • This is an outpatient procedure. The patient can return home after waiting for 20-30 minutes in the clinic waiting area.
  • PRP injection is prepared from the same person’s blood, who is receiving the PRP Injection. No waiting for prescription-only medication availability. 

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How does PRP work?

Platelets contain growth factors that are important in the healing process. PRP injection contains 3-10 times more concentrated platelets in comparison to the normal whole blood. Hence, PRP injections have the ability to expedite the natural healing process of the injured area. 

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What are platelets?

A Platelet is a small colourless disc-shaped cell fragment without a nucleus, found in large numbers in blood and involved in clotting. 

How do i prepare for PRP treatment appointment?

You can contact us for a free telephone conversation. 

  • ***** Please, do not take anti-inflammatory medication for a week before and 4 weeks after the PRP treatment ******
  • If you are taking anticoagulant therapy you may have to stop taking 24hrs before the injection.


  • Wear comfortable and loose-fitting clothing, as you need to remove clothing and jewelry in the area to be treated.
  • Please arrange alternative transport to return home. This is due to your motor insurance will not be valid to drive, also you may be in pain to drive after the PRP injection. Either bring your partner, family member or friend with you or use a taxi or public transport to return home.
  • No other preparation is required.

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What is the PRP success rate?

PRP therapy’s success rate is considerably variable. This depends on the condition being treated, patient age, and health status.  Patient perception also plays an important role. The reported success rates in the literature have been largely anecdotal. PRP success in the treatment of tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis) has been reported in up to 80-90% in some studies, Achilles tendonitis 70-80% and golfer’s elbow (medial epicondylitis) 60-70%. Overall, the success rate is 60 – 70%.

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What should i expect after having PRP?
    • Do not take anti-inflammatory medications (Ex:  Ibuprofen, naproxen, diclofenac )
    • Prepared to take at least 2 days of relative rest, after the PRP treatment.
    • Do not carry out exercises for 2 weeks.
    • Please, contact health care professionals if needed any further help.
    • You will experience some discomfort and pain during and after the treatment. Try controlling pain by using an Ice pack or paracetamol.
What are the possible risks/side effects?

Though the whole procedure is carried out with great care and caution, some rare side effects and risks are possible.  

  • Infection – Very rare. 
  • Bleeding to the treatment area.
  • Temporary flare-up, numbness, pins and needles, and tingling.
  • Swelling, bruising, redness to the treatment area.
  • No symptomatic relief.
  • Flare-up: temporarily increased pain to the treatment area for few days to weeks (Especially tendon treatment flare-up can last up to 2 -3 weeks).
  • Tendon, blood vessel, nerve damage – Rare with ultrasound guided injections. 

No symptomatic relief.  

Can i be allergic to the procedure?

Though it is extremely rare, some patients may experience allergic reactions to their own serum, other substrates of the PRP or local anesthesia is used for numbing. 

Who is not suitable for PRP therapy?

If you are diagnosed with the following conditions or treatments, you should notify us.



Active cancer

Hemophilic disorders  

Some blood-thinning medications 

Joint replacement/metal to the area of PRP treatment



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We cover a wide area throughout the UK, either by home visit or clinics in the following areas: Rugby,  Coventry, Warwick,  Aylesbury,  Milton Keynes,  Stratford upon Avon, Leicester and Nuneaton.

We also have clinics throughout the West Midlands including Birmingham and Solihull.  We have a clinic in Newcastle covering the North East. If you do not see your area listed please still get in touch as we may be able to refer you to another practitioner in your area.

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