Tennis Elbow Treatment West Midlands

Are you in need of private tennis elbow pain treatment in the West Midlands? Joint Care Clinics are HCPC registered and members of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy. and the Society of Radiographers.

We offer a one-stop clinic for consultation, diagnostic scans and treatment. This service is offered by highly experienced clinicians. We use an ultrasound diagnostic scanner to pinpoint the area of pain, for a more accurate diagnosis and tailor-made treatment.

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Tennis Elbow Pain Treatment in the West Midlands

Tennis Elbow Pain Injections

This outpatient procedure is carried out at a time that suits you, at one of our clinics.  You do not require a GP referral for this. Ram Rachaputi is an experienced clinician and so far carried out several thousand pain relief ultrasound-guided injections successfully.

The pain can vary from mild to severe, often worse when moving your arm, particularly twisting movements. Repetitive wrist movements, such as extending your wrist and gripping, may also increase the pain. You could also find it tricky to fully extend your arm.

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Tennis Elbow Pain Treatment in the West Midlands

What is Tennis Elbow?

Tennis elbow, clinically known as lateral epicondylitis, is a condition that causes pain around the outside of the elbow. Tennis elbow occurs after overuse or repetitive movement of the forearm muscles, near the elbow joint.

Pain is often noticed on the outside of the elbow and can travel down your forearm when lifting or bending your arm, gripping small objects or using a twisting motion such as opening a jar.

lateral epicondylitis- Tennis Elbow in the West Midlands

Musculoskeletal issues?

If you are experiencing painful joints, muscles, tendons or ligaments please get in touch for a diagnostic scan and treatment

Darren Gough Cricketer

"Having played professional sport from 1989-2008 I’ve amassed plenty of aches and pains after numerous operations. I’ve been around the world and seen some of the best Doctors and surgeons out there, and Ram has been right up there with his care and skill. Never in a rush, he’s kind, compassionate and very professional. Not only helped me with knee and shoulder pain, he’s also treated my wife for elbow pain. My son is now going to see him as he’s seen a difference in how his parents are moving. Thanks for all your help, Darren Gough and Anna Gough"


Darren Gough - English Cricket Player

Tennis Elbow Treatment FAQS

What causes Tennis Elbow?

Tennis Elbow is caused by straining your forearm muscles. It can create tiny tears and inflammation near the bony lump (lateral epicondyle) on the outside of your elbow.

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Who is prone to develop Tennis Elbow?

Tennis Elbow is common among sports professionals that play badminton, tennis, golf and cricket. Musicians, Computer users and artists also commonly suffer from this condition due to repetitive or strenuous arm activity. It can additionally occur after knocking your elbow.

Anyone can get Tennis Elbow, but you are most likely to get it in your 40s and 50s. You can get it in both arms, but it usually develops in the arm you use most.

How can you treat Tennis Elbow?

Tennis Elbow will eventually get better without treatment but can last between 6 months to 2 years.

Our in-house high-resolution diagnostic ultrasound machine is an excellent way to diagnose Tennis Elbow.

Diagnostic ultrasound dynamic capability helps us assess any muscle, tendon, ligaments and nerve-related problems in a real-time environment. What this means is we can scan you whilst carrying out certain movements of the hand and pinpoint the pain area in the elbow.

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What is an Ultrasound Guided Cortisone/Steroid Injection for Tennis Elbow?

A cortisone injection is also known as a Corticosteroid injection or steroid injection. This is a strong anti-inflammatory medication used for many inflammatory and arthritis conditions to control pain, swelling, stiffness and improve function. Corticosteroid injections are NOT the same used by bodybuilders use. Corticosteroid injections do not cause weight gain. To find out more please visit our ultrasound-guided steroid injections page. Always, consider having Steroid injections under ultrasound guidance for injection accuracy.

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What should I expect after my Tennis Elbow Treatment?

After the injection, you may feel pain-free for a couple of hours due to Local anaesthesia. However, pain returns after 2 hours, you may even feel more pain for a couple of days due to bruising pain. Usually, you should start feeling better from the third day onwards. Pain relief from the steroid injection may take 1 to 2 weeks.

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Can I drive after my Tennis Elbow Treatment?

You will not be able to drive immediately after the procedure. Bring someone with you Or use another form of transport to return home. This is mainly due to your driving license policy, rather than injection efficacy. The majority of the motor insurance policies will not allow you to drive for 3-5 hours after the injection with Local Anesthesia.

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